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Welcome to The Artcave. No, This Isn’t Lascaux.

Posted on: April 29th, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning 4 Comments

Welcome Everyone!  Welcome to my little blog, entitled “Notes from the Artcave”.  Not to be confused with the famous cave at Lascaux, France filled with Neanderthal paintings, the “Artcave” is the name of my basement studio, here in Minneapolis, MN.  More than just a “man cave”, the Artcave is where I paint, listen to music, and work on projects.  Part “shop”, part “listening lounge”, part “art studio”, the Artcave is my oasis from the world.

My wife, Sarah and I purchased this house in the Longfellow Neighborhood of Minneapolis 3 ½  years ago, and I decided to start painting in the basement immediately.  After house payments, we could not afford more rent on a traditional warehouse studio, so here I paint.  The Artcave is not the most ideal studio, because it’s dark, cold and wet but it suits me.  I bought some great shop spotlights from Home Depot, got a used heater and new dehumidifier, and I was good to go.

I have a 4’-0” x 8’-0” work table for building and framing my paintings, (all sawing is done in the garage) and an old easel from my friend Gini.  At the PPL shop in Nordeast Minneapolis, I found some recycled shelves for storage and a library book cart to use as my paint stand.  I also set up my artist’s “Office” down here, complete with drawing table and bookshelf.  This is where I can read, write notes and store my important art paperwork, ha!

One of the best aspects of the Artcave is my record collection!  I store quite a few old vinyl 33 1/3 “LP’s” which I listen to almost everyday.  Within my collection, you could find everything from the Beatles to Lawrence Welk, from Bob Dylan to Porter Wagoner, and “Prog-Rock” to “Exotica” and “Lounge”.  I enjoy it all, but couldn’t tell you what my favorite was.

I also consider the Artcave to be a repository for all things old and interesting.  Down here you may find my old childhood toys and games, as well as trinkets, knick-knacks and just plain junk.  It’s a shrine to my past and a place where I can keep my “stuff”.  Want to play Hot Wheels?  How about read some comic books?  There’s some matchbooks and bottle caps also, as well as plastic skulls, raku beer cans and those funny gag gifts from the 60’s.  There are weird signs, beer posters, and an aquarium filled with enough flotsam and jetsam to make a Magpie jealous.  It all serves as inspiration for when I need to look at something other than “ART!”

So thank you for taking the time to visit the Artcave.  You are always welcome.  I’ll spin you some vinyl, offer you a Pabst Blue Ribbon, tell you a story and maybe even show you some paintings!

4 Responses

  1. James Weispfenning says:

    Great Blogs! I’ve visited the Artcave several times, but I’ve never been offered a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Next time will be the first, I guess. Good Luck!

  2. Jeff Weispfenning says:

    OK, I’ll promise you a PBR the silo next time you visit.

  3. Chad Winterfeldt says:

    But all the cool stuff is behind chicken wire! Or is that “Art?”

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