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What Specific Qualities Make My Paintings Work Together?

Posted on: May 27th, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning No Comments

My work is mostly figurative, portraying the subject in almost a “damaged goods” sort of way.  While I may poke fun at some types of people, others I am more sympathetic towards.  All in all, each portrait is a sad mixture of human frailty, innocence lost, addiction, misguided adventure, or just plain ugliness.  Mankind takes so much advantage of others, abusing, misusing, and hurting.  Other times, humans cannot help themselves, becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, sex or cruelty.  People torment others, misuse religion, break each other down instead of building each other up, take advantage of others’ good will, and are just pure evil.  Society is the same, allowing people to be left behind, to be downtrodden and abused.  Humans are animals.  This is what I see in general.  Most of my work involves some kind of failure.

Regarding the specific look to the work, they all seem to possess similar colors and painting style.  In that sense you could say they may work together.  They are all people, all non-realistically painted but at the same time trying to look real, portraying some type of human foible or damage or frailty.

(Show in photograph:  upper left – Darkness Comes but Once a Day, Yet Death’s Dark Veil is Here to Stay,  right – Self Portrait as Mada Premavesi,  bottom left – Icy Repose)

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