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My Exhibition is Exactly One Month Away!

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning 2 Comments

Greetings Art Fans!  May I interest you in coming to an Art Exhibition? My first “one-man” exhibition in my home town will open in exactly ONE MONTH (July 8th) at the Rourke Art Gallery, 523 South 4th Street, Moorhead, MN!  (http://www.therourke.org!)

As you may well know, I have been furiously getting ready for this thing and it’s almost coming to fruition!  All the paintings are done, (well… almost) so now I’m starting to frame them.

The Little Shop of Frames is out in the garage, since sawdust doesn’t mix well with wet paint and varnish!  Last year, during a fit of frame building, I actually set up tables in the back yard.  I have 3 large tables I made, inside the garage, all set up for wood cutting, sanding and staining.

My frames consisit of a couple different types… plain 1 x 2’s or a combo platter of 1 x 2’s glued to 1 x 3’s or 4’s.  The profile of the frame stock is a right angle, with the smaller 1 x 2 butting up against the painting and the 1 x 3 (or 4) flying away towards the outside.  I’m finishing them with a nice cherry stain, two layers, which I then paint overtop with black paint.  I know… never mix oil and acrylic, but it works!  For the final layer, I rub in wax over the top and buff when dry.  The overall effect is something like ebonized lacquer.  Very nice!

So, would you like to see my work?  (I’ll be giving an art-chat at the opening.)  A one-man exhibition is a big deal for artists, and the Rourke Gallery is a great place to see art.  It’s an old 2 story house, over 120 years old, and my work will be hanging in both the basement and main floor.  I grew up in Moorhead, MN and I am privileged and excited to be able to exhibit there!  Hope you can make it!  The show runs from July 8th – August 12th, with a preview July 6th.

Send me your address and I’ll send you a post card.  (jeffweispfenning@gmail.com)

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  1. Hi Jeff…. congratulations on your up-coming show at Rourke Gallery. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to the opening…. I’d love to see it. Take lots of photos and post them so we can all share in the excitement.


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