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Last Week to See My Art Exhibition!

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning No Comments

Hello, Fellow Art Hounds, I wanted to take this time to remind you that my Solo Exhibition at The Rourke Art Gallery will be coming down in one weeks time!  Yes, there is still time to see it, but you have to act quickly!  The show closes August 12, 2012 at 5:00 pm.   The Rourke staff has assured me that they will still open the gallery this week if you call their phone number.

What:  Jeff Weispfenning Art Exhibition – The Last Week!

Where:  The Rourke Art Gallery, Moorhead, MN 524 South 4th Street

Phone:  218-236-8861

Hours:  Friday – 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM  or by Appointment on Saturday and Sunday.  All you have to do is call ahead (218-236-8861) and someone will be there to let you in.

Meanwhile, after August 12th, part of my exhibition will remain upstairs on the second floor, while a new artist moves into the rest of the building.  Think of it as “The Best Of Jeff Weispfenning” of  sorts, ha!  This partial show will remain through the next artist’s exhibition, which will most likely be 6 weeks, like mine was.

What a great ride this show has been.  From it’s start one year ago, when The Rourke staff invited me, through the actual painting and framing to the openings and speech to the closing a week from now when I pick up my remaining paintings, I have been on an artistic roller coaster.  Yikes!  I hope I don’t have “post-exhibition letdown”… must stay busy.


Putting together a solo exhibition was a lot of work!  I have 55 paintings in this show, and half were new pieces.  Those new paintings all were built, stretched, gessoed, painted and framed this year!  Whew!  Delivery of said artwork included wrapping each piece in plastic, then renting a U-Haul trailer to pull behind our van.  That’s a lot of money and headache, but it’s all worthwhile in the long run.  Artists are supposed to spend a lot of time and money on this sort of thing!  This is our livelihood, and we make our living off of our artwork.

So, thanks to all who attended the openings and or the show.  You’ve made me very happy!  Also, thanks to any and all art patrons who purchased a piece of my art.  Thank You!!  You are not only paying the artist, but also contributing to The Rourke Gallery, for without whom this show would not have been possible!  Thanks to all who encouraged me as well, and spoke to me at the openings.  Without family, friends and patrons, my life as an artist would be so much harder!



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