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Look Out! Here Comes LOLA!

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning No Comments

Greetings, Fellow Art Crawlers, Open Studio Spelunkers, Painting Patrollers, Art Strollers, and General Neighborhood Explorer Types.  Won’t you please come to this year’s LOLA (League of Longfellow Artists) Art Crawl in South Minneapolis’ infamous Longfellow Neighborhood?  This event is two days of open studio, usually in people’s houses, or perhaps studios, where you can truly see the art where it was made.  You can talk to the artist for a long period of time too, if you’d like.  I serve cheap wine and Grain Belt long necks or maybe Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys.  Wanna stop on over?

When:  Saturday, August 25th and August 26th, 10AM to 5PM both days.  Where:  3328 30th Ave So. Minneapolis, MN.  The borders of Longfellow Neighborhood are: Lake Street, Mississippi River, Minnehaha Park and Hiawatha Avenue.  http://lolaartcrawl.com/

“LoLa (the League of Longfellow artists) will be opening their doors for the fourth annual LoLa art crawl. Smaller and more intimate than many art festivals, the LoLa art crawl will give you a glimpse into the creative workspaces of artisans working on jewelry, glasswork, painting, photography, textiles, pottery, gardens, sculpture and more.”

This year’s art crawl will encompass 69 sites with 115 artists.  I will be one of them, of course and if you’ve ever wanted to explore the Art Cave, now’s yer chance!  Most everything will be for sale, and you can even make an offer if you want.  I’ll be spinnin’ some cool tunes, turnin’ the turntable, rotatin’ the retro vinyl wayback machine, playin’ some hot wax for your tender young eardrums.  Wanna hear some psychedelic pop or maybe some old school hippy country…  some original garage punk or some bad FM radio staples… perhaps some soul- food southern-fried electric boogie?  Then you’ll have to visit!  Want to actually pick out your own record to play?  I’ll play it!  British Invasion?  Adult Contemporary?  Prog Rock?  Folkie Rock, Calypso, Jazz, Disco, Funk, or K-Tel… it’s all there!

Want to see some clown paintings?  Perhaps a sad little girl, or a dead old man?  Wanna see some creepy strangers or a weird friend?  Come to the art crawl.  Is it worth your time to visit?  But of course it is!  Besides, if you don’t like this stop, there are 68 other joints to head to!  You could ride your bike, walk, run, drive a 4 wheeled auto vehicle, crawl, beam up or just astral project to each stop.  Check yourself off at each stop, get the autograph of each artist, take a photo with the artist, buy art from everyone, drink a beer, collect ephemera, record yourself asking stupid questions, hang out all day, take a nap… it’s all good.  Come as you are, (or don’t come at all, (ha).  See you!  Look for the big yellow signs everywhere!


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