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Thanks for Visiting the Artcave During the LOLA Art Crawl!

Posted on: September 1st, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning No Comments

Hey Art Crawlers!  Thanks to all who visited my open studio during last week’s Longfellow Art Crawl (LOLA)!  Much appreciated, and much obliged. I hope you had a great crawl, and saw many other studios… weren’t there close to 70 other sites?  With over 100 other artists?  Sure there were!

I had around 75 visitors, a couple repeats and a few Weispfenning relatives over the two day art crawl.  The first day, the weather didn’t cooperate very well, with sprinkling and drizzling, but I still had roughly 30 visitors including the German guy who came both Saturday AND Sunday.  Much beer and wine were available, as well as an assortment of crackers and cookies.  Woe to the dieter, for there were no veggies!  BUT you could at least sip some cheap box wine as you viewed my paintings.

On the second day, Sunday, I had tons more people visit… including one elderly 88 year old woman who made it down the stairs with a cane!  Many other visitors attended, like the German guy, the knitting person, and a young aspiring high school artist.  Much appreciated!  The whole time, I spun selections from my vinyl record collection… yes, I played DJ!  Perhaps I scared away a few, but at least they had a story to tell their friends on Monday!  Ha.

 LOLA  was a great success this year, and I got to speak to many strangers and new friends about my work!  I think that’s the purpose really… having people just look at my paintings.  I realize that everyone is trying to sell their work, but I’m happy just to show and tell!

The LOLA Art crawl (League of Longfellow Artists) is an annual event in south Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood, in it’s 5th year… each year getting bigger and better!  Over 100 artists at 69 locations exhibited this year, perhaps making a third day necessary, hmm?  Thanks everyone who attended!

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