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Art Puppet – 1997

This painting, “Art Puppet”, is actually me, a self portrait. It was painted during one weekend back in school, Valentines weekend. I was alone, and not wanting to waste it, decided to spend some time painting myself. I was depressed, but excited to be alone. In the studio was a giant full size mirror, which provided me with a full size reflection. For interest, I added bottles and fruit on a shelf. I am gesticulating wildly with my finger and holding my brush. The title refers to the puppet like quality my apron gives. If I remember correctly, it was also about being controlled, perhaps by something beyond my control, something or someone higher.

The painting was made for the Rourke Art Gallery’s Midwestern Exhibition on the theme, “Self Portraits” and it won Honorable Mention During my Senior BFA exhibition, it hung at the entrance to the show and greeted all the visitors to the gallery!

Honorable Mention - 1997
  • Dimensions
    48" x48"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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