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Foxy Lady – 2012

This piece, enlarged from a smaller painted sketch, is based on a memory I had from childhood. Before it became unfashionable, women used to wear fur stoles around their necks. The furs even had heads and eyes made of glass. When we went to church, the lady in the next pew would inevitably be wearing one, and I’d have to stare at the poor animal. It was very disturbing for a small child! Very sad to see the fur without the animal.

The title “Foxy Lady” is ironic, having a double meaning. The woman is beautiful in her own right, but not with a dead animal around her neck. She wears a red dress along with a matching red hat. There is a bit of greenery at the top. She truly is a foxy lady!

  • Dimensions
    27" x 41"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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