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Flower Woman (Magdalena) – 2010

Here is an imaginary portrait of Magdalena, the flower woman. Once a flower woman, never a bride! I painted her from the waist up, almost life size. My wife, Sarah is a florist, so I was influenced by her working with flowers, showing me bouquets. I really enjoy flowers, and thought they would make a lovely prop.

The painting is under worked, but I think it’s still finished enough. I’d rather do that than overwork a piece! The face is spontaneously painted, but most everything else was planned. I really like how the design of her hands holding the bouquet mimic her dress collar and head. The colors are minimal, but not boring, and I rather enjoy the play between the background and her dress and hair.

  • Dimensions
    29" x 54"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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