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See Sally Smoke – 2012

Sally, (from the books we all read in grade school) takes a puff from a cigarette, while Puff the kitten looks on. Sally knows smoking is bad. Sally is naughty. She tries to hide from adult eyes. Sally loves the nicotine lung stream, the rush to the head. See Sally Smoke.

See Sally hide from Teacher. Puff looks at Sally. Puff hates smoke. Smoke stinks! Sally smokes another cigarette. Dick and Jane don’t smoke. Mother wouldn’t like Dick to smoke. Father wouldn’t like Jane to smoke. Puff doesn’t like Sally to smoke. See Sally Smoke.

Sally smokes one last nice cigarette. She hides by the fence. Sally hides the cigarettes by the fence. Blow smoke rings, blow! The school bell rings! Recess time is over! See Sally Smoke.

Sally goes to school. Sally listens to Teacher. Time to read a good book. Time to listen to teacher. Teacher is nice and good. Break time for all! Teacher goes to Teacher’s Lounge. See Teacher Smoke.

The original "See Sally Smoke" was a smaller oil-on-board (11" x 14") painted in 2011.

  • Dimensions
    48" x 60"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

2 Responses

  1. James Weispfenning says:

    I really like this painting AND the story that goes with it! I remember reading about Dick, Jane & Sally in the first grade. (Although I don’t think we learned the word ‘stinks’. I also don’t recall her being quite so secretive. In any case, keep up the GREAT work!

    • Thanks Jim, I like it too. As you know I am enlarging this piece to be about 6′-0″ tall, so watch out! Regarding the Dick and Jane books, yes they were a little too perfect, weren’t they. Dick and Jane were supposed to be regular kids, but I don’t think anyone could aspire to their level of goodness.

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