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Opening Night – 1998

This large painting was commissioned by the Fargo Theater for a fundraising auction. They needed to remodel their lobby and asked many local artists to submit a piece for auction. The piece shows a strange couple in swanky duds at a night out. It is the opening night at the newly remodeled Fargo Theater! I remember working very hard on the piece, as it was to be seen by many people at the auction. I added a lot of detail, and it turned out well, although the man has no feet and only one hand!

The night of the auction, I brought my parents along, and we watched as people bid on various other works of art. Next came my piece! I was so excited I couldn’t stand it! I had an out of body experience, and the whole thing was over after a few bids. I was glad to donate this work to charity and the final bid was a nice amount donated to the theatre!

  • Dimensions
    48" x 72"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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