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Old Paint – 2000

This painting, “Old Paint”, if I remember correctly was actually an older painting before I even started. Now, an artist should never paint over another painting, since the new paint never really adheres well enough. But, it seems to have worked in this case... for now! The title works on two meanings. One being, the old painting aspect, which I just spoke about, and two, the fact that horses were oftentimes names “Old Paint”.

When I started this piece, I had no idea what it would be. Soon a horse or riding toy appeared along with some geometric symmetry. Investigating further, I included Native American motifs. Maybe this was reminiscent of those electric hobby horses at K-Mart?

In any event, after painting a while, the horse was refined, other things were erased, and a horizon line was added, including telephone lines. Those are some interesting symbols around the horse’s feet!

  • Dimensions
    34" x 24"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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