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Photos from the Rourke Opening (refresh for different images)

New Work

Lady Be Good to Me – 2012 Dimensions: 44" x 34"

“Lady Be Good to Me” was painted for the Rourke Art Museum’s Midwestern Exhibition, on the theme, “The American Songbook”. The title I chose, was an Ella Fitzgerald song, Lady Be Good, written by George and Ira Gershwin. Read More.

Artist – 2012 Dimensions: 24" x 31"

This portrait of a sad excuse for a man, is an enlargement of a smaller piece done in art school at Minnesota State University, Moorhead many years before.  Read More.

Artist's Statement


"I make art using oil paint on canvas. My paintings are usually imaginary portraits of sad people with dark emotions. I utilize my own memories and experiences as subject matter when I paint. Sometimes I have an exact idea of what I am about to paint. Other times, I just see what appears, adding and subtracting until I feel the piece is finished."  Read More...

Critical Comment

"Jeff is a funny guy. In many ways. Color is everywhere - a thing that has spilled out from a mind consumed by the land of dreams. He takes it to the limit, and beauty is the result."
Paul Benton, 2011