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Artist Must Make A Statement.

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by Jeff Weispfenning 2 Comments

So, it could be said, that I am busy these days.  I am painting every day in the Artcave.  But, as well as painting, I am busy writing not just for this little blog, but for my artist statement.  I have an artist statement already, but Alan Ochocki, my contact at the Rourke Art Gallery, wants me to do some editing.

I really enjoy writing and always have, usually just for myself.  Now, I really need to buckle down and compose something that everyone will understand.  An artist’s statement tries to tell the audience what they are looking at, what this artist was thinking, what they were trying to portray.  Artists do have specific ideas and concepts that they work with.  They just don’t paint willy-nilly and expect it to all work out.  The artist statement is a short, sweet paragraph describing those concepts in a way that anyone can read.

The Rourke Gallery has given me specific questions to ask myself while I paint, while I think about painting.  These questions should help me consolidate my thoughts and ideas into some sort of concise statement about what I do.  As I was reading and thinking about this, it felt like I was back in art school at Moorhead State University!  This is almost an essay assignment!  I thought I was out of school, wasn’t I?  (I guess one never stops learning.)

In any event, I really want to finish everything and have a great show at the Rourke Art Gallery.  I’m busier now than any other time in my painting career, and I still have my regular job to do!  Now I had better get back to work, writing this artist statement.  Want to help?

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  1. Donna Weispfenning says:

    Jeff: In your artist’s statement, how about including something that gets at the importance of telling the truth. Artists tell the truth as they see it. Who could ask for more?

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