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Drink Me – 2000

This dark imaginary portrait consists of a doll baby head on a bottle of hooch. Very despicably, yet intriguingly, she invites us to “Drink me”, Much like “Alice in Wonderland”, one can only imagine what the outcome of that cocktail will be. It seems as if much has already been imbibed.

The doll head wears a ribbon on her head, which is mimicked on the bottle. There is a large “X” on the bottle both signifying “alcohol” and “X marks the spot”. I’ve used this device before, usually on someone’s head or dress, but the meaning is the same.

At the time of this painting, I was experimenting with different techniques, including the large black outline, and the drippy, sloppy paint. I also was working without sketches or any ideas at all, just moving the paint around, seeing what came of it. This can be successful, but more often than not, it’s garbage!

  • Dimensions
    18" x 24"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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