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Gentleman – 1996

This painting of a ”gentleman farmer”, is based on a photograph of my grandfather, Fred Koeppe. He is dressed in his Sunday best, although the photo was taken sometime before he was shipped off to World War I. Grandpa Koeppe was a farmer in Northeast South Dakota, and also one of the neatest gentlemen I would ever meet. He died when I was young, but the memories linger on.

This piece is cropped at the top and bottom, much like certain photographs are. Some even cut off the head, not on purpose, mind you. I wanted that feel, that look. It gives you a more intimate feel, like you are closer. I was also experimenting with color and color fields, and even painting technique during this time. The paint is very thin here, and smoky, hazy… less detail, but more as well. It gives you a different feeling.

  • Dimensions
    36" x 72"
  • Style
    oil on canvas

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